Open water class 'fun'

So, last night i was helping an open water class. This is the very basic, entry level certification course. I've worked with the instructor before, so I sort of knew what to expect from him. There was another dive master canidate along to help too, which was a good thing.

We had 8 students...which is a fairly big class, given there was only one instructor and no full DM's to help.

Half the students didn't appear to even bother to open the book before class. This slowed down the classroom portion because people weren't familiar with the material.

Half the students failed the first exam, which they must pass to even get in the water. Now, this isn't stuff like dive theory or anything heavy, this is basic information about your equipment and how to use it safely. Luckily, they passed the second time around, but this just put us behind schedule more.

Finally, we get them in the pool...takes a bit to get everyone outfitted, then a demo on how to put the gear together. They all seem to do well doing that, thankfully.

Then we get them in the pool...and that's where it gets more fun. We ask them to kneel in the water...half the people are sitting on their butts. We get people constantly playing with the purge value as we're trying to explain things on the surface. We get people that feel uncomfortable because they get a little water in their mask (which is always going to happen) and surface over and over again. Many people are breathing out through their nose and fogging their mask so much that we can't see them. We only get one skill done...clearing the regulator...and multiple people need to redo because they freak out and stand up...and this is all before we try out the deep end with them.

Once we get them to the deep end, it just continues. One lady spent more time on the surface because she wouldn't accept any water in her mask. I spent most of the time bouncing between the surface and underwater checking on people. That's not to say all were bad, a few seemed like naturals. However, there were a few that seemed completly uncomfortable underwater and no amount of class is going to help that.

So, we stopped around 10, because the next skill had to do with putting water in your mask and clearing it. With so many people freaked out by a little water in their mask, this wasn't going to be good if we tried it last night. After cleanup, got out of there after 11, stopped for dinner, got home after midnight.

Next class for them is tomorrow night...hopefully they will be more prepared...

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Holy crowded schedule...

No rest for me...trying to get finish my Dive Master stuff...

This weekend: Mermet, helping a rescue class
15th: Pool work, rescue scenario and equipment exchange (underwater full equipment exchange while sharing a single air source with a buddy)
20, 22, 27, 29: Helping at the pool with an open water class
25: Mermet, helping an advance class (potentionally)
26: Mermet, DUI DOG Days

Somewhere in all that...I have to recover from this past weekend....


Was a great time this weekend. I did some different things this weekend then I had in past MFM, handing off on site restriation duties to Hikaru and Eddie and going over to security with Alexander and Onyx. It was a very pleasant change...registration ran very smoothly without me, and security was a joy to deal with amazingly. Instead of sitting all weekend in the reg room, I was able to walk around and socialize while working. The new hotel was wonderful too, both the staff there and the facilities. This all meant that, when I left, I actually felt refreshed rather than mentally and physically worn out.

Thanks to all my friends that I got to hang with over the all made the weekend what it was :)

Weekend dives

This weekend went really well. Ended up doing a beginning open water class verses an advance class, but given my ears, it was good I didn't do a deep dive as my 1st dives to 20 ft gave them problems on Sat. The only problem with the open water class is that you have to keep a better eye on people. I did lose track of a student when we crossed another group coming off a platform (I was more focused on her partner that was actually doing a skill) but she did the right thing and surfaced when she got a little lost. Even with that and a bit of sunburn, it was a good weekend and was happy to get the 1st internship done.

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Life update...

Hi guys...just to prove that I don't use this only for a dumping grounds for my tweets

Let's see...getting ready for MFM in a few weeks. My responsibility has shrunk down quite a bit this year, so I'm looking forward to having a less stressful time there :)

Was up in Chicago a few weeks back for the softball game and MFF picnic. That was a blast...even did a bit of grilling there. Haven't heard of any fits of food poisoning so I'm going to claim a win on that.

Also been playing some poker online...getting tired of losing money to Stevie, Rhett, Exile, and Roby. Will probably join in on MFM's charity tournament too, since I should be able to get away for it :)

Diving has been going good. Spent a week on St Croix in early July for my father's service. Got to do a good week of diving, the conditions for the most part were really good, though the water was getting choppy towards the end of the week. I ended up chuming the water at one point :)

Doing my first internship diving this weekend for divemaster. It's an advance open water class, so they should know what they are doing, mostly. I will have to do a class of open water at some point though.

And of course, what happens, but I get another ear infection this week. The nurse even went 'eww' when she looked at my ear. Got some meds yesterday and they seem to be helping , the back pressure seems to have let up and I don't think my ear drum is caved in anymore. That, in itself, has reduced the pain to just a dull ache verse a stabbing pain. Hoping by Saturday to be mostly over it.

And that's pretty much it...

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